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2018年安康学院留学生手册 Handbook for International Students of Ankang University
2016-12-08 15:55 国际处 





        这本小册子将为你在安康,在我校提供一些最基本的信息,  希望这些信息能对你在这里的学习,生活提供一些帮助。尽管这本小册子提供了一些基本情况供你们参考,但仍然在许多方面不完善。我们希望能给你提供一个更好的服务并希望你们在这里有一个愉快,丰富和有所作为的学习和生活。

Dear International Student,

We extend a warm welcome to you on behalf of Ankang University.

This handbook for international students has been prepared for you as a summary of Some essential information and we hope this handbook can make all the necessary Arrangement and gives you the information needed to prepare yourself on your study and stay at Ankang university.

Though the handbook contains some basic information, it is not complete yet in itself. 

We sincerely hope that this handbook can offer your a better service and you will have a pleasant, enriching and successful life in our university.



A.   到达安康  Your arrival in Ankang  


You may be arriving by airport or by train to Xi’an , the capital city of Shaanxi Province, or you may arrive Ankang directly. You will find information on:

1.1  西安咸阳机场  Xi’an Xianyang Airport: 西安咸阳机场距离安康市约240公里。

Xi’an Xianyang airport is about 240 kilometers far from Ankang. Please contact the International Office of Ankang University 3 days earlier before your arriving, we will pick you up at the airport. 


1.2  安康火车站  Ankang Railway Station


Ankang Railway Station is about 8 kilometers far from the university. You can take No.2 Bus from railway station to the campus with 2 yuan fair only or you can pay about 20 yuan if you like to take taxi.


1.3 高速公路 Highway Transportation: 安康有多条高速公路通达西安、重庆、成都等城市。您也可以选择乘坐大巴车从机场直接到达安康。

There are several highways connecting Ankang to other cities such as Xi’an, Chongqing and Chengdu. You could also take bus from Xianyang Airport to Ankang directly.



B.  您的基本需要及须知 Your basic needs and attention:

1.1  您要下榻的地方 A place to live:  

In this chapter you will find some more information on living in a student dormitory managed by General Affairs Management Office. When
 renting student accommodation, keep in mind to live up to the following rules:


1.2  所有居住者需自己打扫自己的房间,并坚持房间的整齐干净。

All residents clean their own room and keep the room tidy.

1.3  如果你不小心弄坏了房间配备的东西,你要赔偿。

If you happen to break something, you will have to replace at your own expense.


1.4  如果你离开房间,请关掉电灯,拨掉电源,锁上门,这样就能保证安全及预防火灾。

When you leave the house, to make sure that you’ve already turned off the lights, turned the plugs down and locked the doors. This will be more secure and can prevent fire happening.


1.5  水龙头水不能直接饮用,请使用房间内的烧水壶。

Tap water can not be drunk directly. You can have boiled water using the kettle in your room.


1.6  学生公寓楼大门每天早晨630开,晚上1100关。

The door of student dormitory will open at 6;30 A.M and close at 23: 00 P.M everyday.


1.7  自助洗衣房Self-service laundry: 留学生公寓配备洗衣房。International student dormitory provides laundry at 6th floor .


1.8  所有学生共享一个信箱:安康学院国际合作与交流处。

All international students may share with one P. O. Box. It is: International Office of Ankang University, Ankang, Shaanxi 725000 China.


1.9  请同学们务必保管好自己的重要物品。如:护照,信用卡,现金,手机,笔记本电脑等。外出坐公共汽车,购物等可不必随身携带贵重物品,以防止偷窃发生。

Please take very much care of your valuable stuff, such as: passport, credit card, cash, mobile phone, laptop and so on. It is not necessary to have the valuable things with you if you go shopping or take bus in case the pickpockets may visit you.


1.10 上网Internet: 留学生公寓房间内可申请接入校园网,费用为每月30元或者每年250元。在学校的周围也有许多网吧您可尽情享受上网的乐趣。留学生公寓有免费Wifi信号覆盖。

Internet is very popularly used both in campus and city itself. The internet service is available in your dormitory charged for RMB 30 Yuan per month or RMB 250 annual.There are many internet bars spread around the campus if you like to enjoy the internet.There is also available free Wi-Fi network over the dormitory.  


1.11. 银行Banking: 中国银行是唯一可进行外汇兑换的银行。距离学校约1000米处有一家中国银行。

Bank of China is the only bank that people can exchange the foreign currency. There is a Bank of China where locates an Xiangxi Road which is about 1 kilometer far away from the gate of the university.


1.12. 食堂Canteen : 在留学生公寓的楼下有一所餐厅。在校园内还有多处学生食堂可供近一万名学生就餐。

There is a dining room on the first floor of your residential building and other dining halls also can offer food service for about 10 thousand students in the campus.


1.13. 购物Shopping: 大学附近有多处小型便利店和大型超市。

There are several supermarkets locating nearby AKU. The smaller shops around the university are also good choices for shopping.


1.14. 邮政Post: 安康学院大门外有一个邮局。信件,特快专递及包裹的邮寄都可在此办理。

Post office is close to the university front gate. Letters, express letters and parcels can be mailed here.


1.15.电压Voltage: 您房间的电压为220伏,50赫兹。请不要使用800瓦以上的电器。离开房间时请切断电源防止意外发生。

The voltage in your room is 220 V, 50 HZ. Please do not use any electrical equipment that is more than 800 watts and turn off all the electric appliances before leaving your room in case unexpected thing happens.


1.16. 火车Train:  在中国,火车四通八达,是您理想的长距离交通工具,您可以上网了解火车信息。中国火车有3种档次:它们分别是,硬座,硬卧,软卧,价钱当然不一样,许多中国人和外国游客都喜欢选择硬卧。经济,舒适,硬卧票在旅游季节是非常难买的,您可以通过旅行社购买,但要收30-50元左右的手续费。

In China, Frequent train connections are scheduled to lead you to all cities and they are the most ideal transportation for you to take a long-distance travel around China. You can get the schedule for all trains in China online.Chinese train has got three classes. They are: hard seat, hard sleeper and soft sleeper. Prices are definitely different. Many Chinese people and foreign visitors prefer to take hard sleeper which is economy and comfortable when they travel out. Hard sleeper tickets are more pretty difficult to get rather than the other two ones especially in tourist season. Travel agency is the way to get the train tickets if you urgently need and 30 or 50 yuan for each ticket will be charged.




C.  学校设施 University Facilities

1.1 使用图书馆How to use library: 如果您要使用图书馆应事先办理一张图书卡。交2寸照片1张,押金200元。(回国前返还)学生借书要出示图书卡,并只能借阅一定数量的图书资料。使用图书馆的人很多请在规定的时间内交还借阅的图书。

Students may apply for library card if you would like to use library. Please go to the office of School of Chinese Studies to hand over one piece of passport photo with 200 yuan deposit which will be returned to you before leaving.

Students who wish to use materials have to show a valid library card and students may only borrow some materials. As the library is used by numerous people, it is absolutely necessary for users to put the books back.


1.2 学校医院University Hospital: 校医院以良好的服务及低廉的价格服务于全体学生及教职工。但我们仍希望所有同学在来华学习之前办理好医疗保险。请保存好你的医疗发票。回国后可以到保险公司办理。


The university clinic locates at the campus. It offers a better service and pretty low medical cost to all students and working staff. Please show your student ID to hospital people if you would like to see doctor in university hospital.

We suggest that the necessary medical insurance need to be managed before leaving your own country in case that you need to see the doctors from the state-run hospitals in China. Please keep your medical invoice well and you will have your refund after you back home.


1.3 来华留学生综合保险 Comprehensive Insurance for Foreign Students : 中国教育部规定自2008/2009学年起, 要求来华学习超过6个月的来华留学生, 在我国大陆购买团体综合保险,作为其办理新学期入学注册的必备材料。国际处办公室将统一收取保险费用, 并发放保险内容说明册。

Since 2008/2009 academic year, the Chinese Education Ministry required foreign students who plan to study in China for more than 6 months, to purchase a comprehensive insurance in China, as a necessary material for the new semester. You will pay for the insurance directly to the International office, and get the Protection Scheme Brochure.




D.   The Academic Calendar of AKU  安康学院学年日程安排


In this chapter you will find out main information on the education matter and some activities relating to the travel and visit in order that students can have an better personal arrangement for the whole academic year study.


Welcome new students, enrollment, registration, pay tuition fee on March (Spring Semester) and September (Autumn Semester)


1.2. 每学期第一学周,分班考试及新生说明会,新生体检,开学。

The first study week of each semester: Enrollment examination, Orientation for new students, health check for new students and classes starts.



The third and fourth study weeks: New students will be organized to visit remarkable historic spots around Ankang.



In April during the Spring Semester: University students sports meeting will be on.


1.5.第一学期第六周, 五一节假期;第二学期十月的第一周,101—7日为国庆长假。May 1st– 3th: Nation holiday will be on . October 1st – 7th : Nationwide golden week holiday will be on.



We organize the registration of HSK examination. You could come to the International office to have further details. Whether take the Examination or not is decided by yourselves.


1.7. 第一学期14-15学周期间,大学将组织语言实践; 第二学期的14-15学周,将举办汉语朗读比赛,文艺演出。

The thirteen or the fourteenth study weeks in Spring Semester, students will be organized to travel somewhere around Ankang for Language Training. And the thirteen or fourteenth study weeks on December: Chinese reading match, Christmas Celebrating.

1.8 每年六月底或七月初组织第一学期期末考试,放暑假;十二月底或一月初组织第二学期期末考试,放寒假。In late June or early July, Spring semester final exam will be on, and Autumn Semester final exam will be on in late December or early January.

1.9  2016-2017校历

Academic Schedule 2016-2017 :

◘ Spring semester: February 16th - June 20th (about 18 weeks)

◘ Fall semester: September 1th - January 20th (about 18 weeks)  

Summer Vacation: Late June ~ late August; Winter Vacation: mid January ~ late February.



E.Education Management of School of Chinese Studies ( AKU) 学籍管理


1.1 报道,注册Enrollment and Registration.


Please go to the International office of AKU to have your enrollment and registration procedure after your arrival.


Hand over your Admission Notice and JW 202 form.

c. 请出示您的护照,查验签证日期。

Please show your passport and check the valid date of visa.

d.   学习一学期者请交2寸照片4张。

Four pieces of photo with the size of 40x50mm are required if you need to stay for one semester.

e. 学习一学年者请交2寸照片8张。

Eight pieces of photo with the size of 40x50mm are required if you need to study for one academic year.


1.2 申请流程 Application Procedures

a. 学生交齐所有要求的资料和表格,发送到国际处邮箱。Students who want to apply Ankang university send all required documents to the international office via official email address akugjc@126.com , gjc@aku.edu.cn

b. 被录取的学生将收到录取通知书和来华留学人员签证申请表。Applicants who are accepted will receive the admission letter, a form (Visa Application for Study in China) authorized and issued by the Educational Department of Shaanxi Provincial Government and the Foreign Affairs Office of Shaanxi Provincial People’s Government.

c. 学生持以上材料可以在中国大使(领)馆办理签证。 Students with the above documents can come to the embassy of P.R.China in their country to apply for Visa.


1.3 学费Tuition fee:


All students should pay tuition fee within 7 days after arrival the school.

b. 愈期未交者扣滞纳金5 %

5% will be deducted if the tuition may not pay in time.

c.  学习期间退学者学费不返还。

The tuition may not be refunded if you quit the school during the period of stay.

d.  学费可以现金或支票支付,以人民币结算。

Chinese yuan is available for tuition fees and there are basically two ways only to pay tuition fees: In cash and by cheque.

e. 校际交换生学费与双人间住宿费全免。

Accommodation (double room) and tuition fees are waived for the exchange students during their exchange period.



1.4  学籍卡Enrollment card:


Student will have one enrollment card after registration and paying tuition fees.



1.5  留学生证 Student Identity Card:

a. 学生身份确认后可领到留学生证。

You will receive a student identity card that is accepted documentary evidence of your status as a student.


This card can provide you with certain percentage of discount on purchasing air tickets.


Please report your case to the International Office if you loose the ID.

d. 补办学生证需交人民币20元。

Apply for substitute one need to pay 20 yuan.



1.6  结业证 Certificate: 


Certificate application is to be arranged only one week in advance before you going home.


Certificate may not be for the student who skips the class hour more than 1/3 of the total.


Certificate may not be for the student who fails to pass test and exam.



1.7  转学Transfer to other university: 


Please go to the International Office to complete some necessary procedure three days in advance if you plan to transfer to study at other university.



1.8 休学Suspend schooling:


Student is allowed to suspend his/her schooling during the period of study for irresistible reasons.



1.9 退学Quit schooling: 


Student is allowed to quit school during the study time but the tuition may not refund to student.



1.10  学习考勤Check on study attendance:


Teacher is responsible for checking on study attendance for student who attendants class and give the regular report to the International Office.



F. 居留证,签证  Residence Permit and Visa:


1.1 学习签证 Visa X

a.学习时间超过6个月者需申请 X 签证。 X签证的同学在进入中国境内30天内必须办理居留证。

Student seeking study in China more than 6 months should apply for the Visa X and need to complete some necessary procedure of Residence permits within 30 days after arrival to China.


Student who needs to apply for Residence Permit are required to offer necessary documents below :

  -  护照Passport

  - 健康证明 Health examination record authorized by Shaanxi Entry-Exit Inspection and       Quarantine Bureau  

  -  42寸照片 Four passport photos

  -  填写居留证申请表 Fill up Residence Permit Application Form

  - 学费、住宿费缴纳证明 Enrollment and Accommodation Payment

  - 留学生保险 International Students Insurance Payment


1.2  签证延期,签证变更和回头签证的办理 Visa extension, Change of visa type and return visa 


Student who is going to apply for residence permit, visa extension, change of visa type and return visa needs to get some necessary forms from the International Office with 15 days in advance before your leaving China or your original visa will expire.


1.3 居留许可注销Residential Permit Cancel


After getting your residential permit, if students plan to leave Ankang, you should inform the international office before you leave and report your reason for leaving and estimated day on which you will be back.If students cannot come back on time and lost connection with the university for more than 3 days, the university has the right to cancel your residential permit. For any students without residential permit, your stay in China will be illegal immediately.


G.Student Services: 学生服务机构



In this chapter the International Office for student services will be introduced to you and hopefully we can offer some more information and convenience for your study and daily life in .


The International Office: 国际处办公室


The International Office is where all the international students may always visit to. It can offer many services to students as bellow:

a. 欢迎新同学入学Welcome new students


b.办理报到,注册Enrollment and registration


c.收取学费Collect tuition fee


d.查验护照,签证Passport and visa checking


e.办理申请How to apply


f.发放学生证Issue Student ID


g.组织旅游,参观Travel and visit


h.登记学生成绩Student records


i. 发放结业证Certificate


j.学籍管理Educational management


k.安排住宿并收费Accommodation Arrangement & Room fee collection


l.组织文艺,体育活动Management for performance and sport activities


m.办公室工作时间: 上午8:00-12:00 下午2:00-6:00 ; 周六,日休息; 办公室电话/传真: +86-915-3288082


Office opening hours: Morning 8:00-12:00, Afternoon 2:00-6:00 (2:30-6:00 from 1st May every year) and Saturday and Sunday break.

Telephone/Fax: +86-915-3288082


H.社会服务机构 Social services:

a.西安咸阳国际机场问询处电话: Xian Airport Information Center Telephone:029 8708450


c. 报警电话 Police Call: 110


d.火警电话 Fire Call: 119


e. 医疗急救中心电话 Medical Emergency Call: 120


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